daily menu sets

Our two course menus (1220-1800 Ft) include a soup of the day of your choice and a main course.  The prices of the menus depend on the main course you choose and can be seen daily on our menu board. 

If you are a CEU, OTP or Raiffeisen employee (student) you get 10% discount from our prices!

soups 600 FT


Leek, turnip and rice soup (V, GM, LM)

Sorrel cream soup with rye croutons (GM, V)


Matzo ball soup (V, L)

Ginger&coconut tomato soup ( V, G, L)


Mushroom soup Hungarian style (G,L,V)

Orange pumpkin with toasted pepitas (V,G,L)


Palóc soup (green beans, pork, dill, creme fraiche) (G)

Carrot-red lentil cream (G,L,V)


Avgolemono-Greek chicken lemon soup (G,L)

Caramellized pears, blue cheese, celery root (V,G)

  salads 660 FT

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Chicken&mushroom skillet in creamy cheese sauce, baked cauliflower and broccoli (G) 1450 Ft

Pork chops, French fries(G,L) 1100 Ft

Vegetable, tofu rice stir-fry (V, L,G) 1300 Ft


Moroccan chicken tagine with olives, cousous (L) 1450 Ft

Lapin a'la moutarde, roast kale tagliatelle  2222 Ft

Pickled cucumber potato stew with chorizo crumble 1100 Ft

Oven baked vegetables (V, G, L) 1300 Ft


Stuffed chicken with balsamic carrots, rice (G) 1450 Ft

Salmon balls, spinach mash, dip 1665 Ft

Rice and pork casserole, pickled cucumbers (G, L) 1100 Ft

Spinach-tofu-sesame stir-fry with rice noodles (L,G,V) 1450 FT


Greek style oven baked chicken with vegetables (G,L) 1450 Ft

Cevapcici, ajvar, steak potatoes (G,L) 1450 Ft

Wild garlic pie, salad (V) 1100 Ft

Massaman curry with chickpeas, vegetable fried rice (V, G, L) 1450 Ft


Pad Thai with grilled crabs (G,L) 1665 Ft

Spinach-raisin chicken liver with parsnip mash (G) 1450 Ft

Italian Chicken thigh with white beans and tomato (L,G) 1100 Ft

Vegetarian moussaka (V,G) 1450 Ft

Sandwiches 500-700 Ft

Check out our weekly offer of 5 different sandwiches:  chicken, steak, fish and veggie!


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